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            WE WILL CONTINUE
            TO BE OPEN
            NOT JUST TO

            While our paramount concern is
            for the health and safety
            of our customers and associates,
            we are also mitted to
            giving each and every customer
            our undivided attention
            to satisfy every design
            concern you may have.

            Foster_Flooring_Pet-Friendly Flooring
            By controlling traffic
            in our showroom,
            we can give you personalized
            service without


            DIY INSTALLER

            is the Hudson Valley's
            best source of
            high quality
            Wool Carpeting,
            the World's Finest
            Hardwood Flooring,
            beautiful Porcelain Tile,
            and a full range of
            Blinds and Shades
            by Hunter Douglas.

            The store's large showroom
            has been pletely remodeled during the pandemic period and features a full line of
            quality products.

            For those who prefer
            professional installations,
            we are happy to
            acmodate your requests.


            who do their own
            installations can purchase
            materials at
            substantial discounts.

            Foster_Flooring_Hardwood Flooring: The World's Finest!

            WE CAN
            VISIT YOUR

            If you've got a project in mind
            or want to take this opportunity
            to upgrade the cleanliness
            of your home, we will be happy
            to e to your site
            to measure your rooms
            or show you samples
            while following all safety
            and health guidelines.
            You will benefit from
            our experience with
            all kinds of home flooring.

            KIDS & OLD CARPETING:
            READ HEALTH RISK
            Poughkeepsie Journal
            Mon. 04/04/20

            Foster_Flooring_Wool Carpeting, the Healthiest and most luxurious Choice for everyonne in your home
            Just tell us your
            specific interests
            when you call to make
            your visit request so
            we can e prepared.


            The World's Finest HardWood Flooring at Foster Flooring

            Foster Flooring features some of the world's most famous wood flooring
            including DuChateau, Provenza and Lauzon among others.

            Karastan Wool Carpeting, the Healthiest Choice at Foster Flooring

            For maximum family health, luxurious fort and unrivaled beauty,
            Karastan's Wool Carpeting surpasses all other carpeting choices.

            Foster Flooring's Hunter Douglas Blinds and Shades

            Foster's extensive selection of high-quality Hunter Douglas blinds and shades,
            including motorized and digitally programmable choices, are
            a homeowner's paradise.

            A free home or showroom consultation with our expert representative
            will provide every answer you need.
            Call 845-889-4747 to make your own convenient appointment.

            PORCELAIN TILE !

            Foster Flooring features glamorous
and environmentally healthy porcelain tile 
which is much stronger than stone, 
will not stain and resists the growth of
mold, fungus and bacteria.

Shown above on floor and walls is 
Happy Floor's Tivoli porcelain tile 
in Dorato color with a natural, unpolished finish.
The shower area uses mosaics of the same style.

            Foster Flooring features glamorous
            and environmentally healthy porcelain tile
            which is much stronger than stone,
            will not stain and resists the growth of
            mold, fungus and bacteria.

            Shown above on floor and walls is
            Happy Floor's Tivoli porcelain tile
            in Dorato color with a natural, unpolished finish.
            The shower area uses mosaics of the same style.

            IN YOUR HOME!

            Lauzon's Natural Red Birch Hardwood Flooring from the Ambiance Collection in an Exclusive Grade and Classic Style finished with Titanium and Lauzon's Pure-Genius Air Purifying technology.

            Lauzon's Engineered Hardwood Flooring is finished with
            Titanium and Lauzon's Pure-Genius Air Purifying technology.

            Trying to Find Us
            With GPS?

            Worth the Drive from Anywhere!

            Foster Flooring
            is the area's
            best source of the
            top choices of
            Broadloom / Carpeting
            Porcelain Tile
            THE WORLD'S FINEST

            Sisals ? Cork
            Vinyl ? Linoleum
            HEALTHY WOOL

            Custom Area Rugs
            HUNTER DOUGLAS
            BLINDS & SHADES

            and so much more!


            The New York Hudson Valley's Premier Source of Flooring
            for over Forty Years!

            Foster Flooring Logo 2A high-quality selection of products bined with extraordinary customer service has earned Foster Flooring a reputation of excellence for more than four decades. Attracting customers from Dutchess, Columbia, Greene and Ulster Counties, including well-known munities like Red Hook, Kingston, Woodstock, Hudson, Poughkeepsie, Tivoli, Annandale, Saugerties, Catskill, Hyde Park, Rhinebeck and Millbrook among many others, Foster Flooring is a reliable center of world-renowned products and exceptional guidance from seasoned professionals.

            New York City Designers and Architects with Local Clients
            as well as Famous Celebrities
            with Second Homes in our
            Beautiful Area all Find plete Satisfaction
            at Foster Flooring.

            And They All e Back Repeatedly!

            No matter how sophisticated their needs, Foster delivers whatever they seek.

            Custom Area Rugs to Fit Your
            Special, Hard-to-Fit Spaces

            On-Site Custom Carpet Edge Binding

            When you've got a tight space, an unusual room layout, a specific set of measurements or just want to create a rug to use for a special application in your home or office, Foster Flooring can acmodate your needs by creating a custom area rug using materials and colors you have chosen from our showroom. Looking for a zebra-print rug to use in front of a fireplace? Or a specially-sized rug under a dining room table? Using a strip sewn over a carpet edge for protection against unraveling, Foster can help you create custom-sized rugs for whatever application you have in mind.

            Fantastic Prices on Beautiful Carpeting Remnants & Roll Ends!

            Custom Carpet
            Foster's recognizes customer needs for economical friendly flooring options which are ideal in certain situations such as high-traffic, high-abuse areas, rental properties, a low-visibility, obscure area, a pet's area, a playroom, workroom, etc. For these types of locations, Foster's has an array of options that add to the look of a room without subtracting too much from the wallet. Whatever your reason, you may find yourself amazed at the beautiful choices available at a fraction of the original cost!

            A Superb Selection of High-Quality Blinds & Shades for Every Room in Your Home!

            Blinds & Shades by Hunter Douglas
            Foster Flooring is a premier source of high-quality Hunter Douglas Blinds and Shades for excellent window treatments to plement your home decor. Providing privacy, light control, energy efficiency, child safety and sophisticated beauty, Foster's can advise you about the most effective choices of blinds and shades to satisfy your goals.

            People from Ulster County ask:
            Is it worth it to cross the
            Kingston Bridge to Shop at
            Foster Flooring?

            You Bet It is!

            Besides 8,000 square feet of high-quality, excellently-priced products, a huge showroom full of tasteful designer-preferred choices to experience personally, and a chance to see how professionally-installed products will look at your location, Foster Flooring offers something else you can't find at the big box stores or at any other sources of flooring or window treatments. And that is the wealth of knowledge which almost half a century of experience has given Foster's experts who are extremely generous to share with every customer. This includes listening to your specific applications and concerns and offering solutions to see and touch from which you can make the best decisions. And these same experts can be found every time you visit Foster Flooring, standing behind their advice unlike the assistance you find at other stores where the help is usually different every time you shop there.

            A Reliable Resource for Homeowners,
            Businesses, Professional Contractors,
            Designers and Do-It-Yourselfers

            We provide the top-quality products you want
            as well as any advice you need to get the job done right. Interior Designers, Architects, Builders and Home-Building Contractors, as well as homeowners in every type and size of dwelling have found Foster Flooring to far surpass the big box stores for selection, dedication, responsiveness and price in every category of flooring and carpeting. When long-term dependability is at issue, Foster Flooring has proven its resilience and value for every customer need and demand.

            Excellence in Residential and
            mercial Products, Service
            and Installation

            Insured, highly skilled in-house installers provide fine quality results with every project. Extensive warranties and pany policy assure long-term customer satisfaction.

            A Huge Showroom of Magnificent Choices Perfect for every room in your home or office including your Kitchen, Dining Room, Bathroom, Living Room, Bedroom, Playroom, Nursery, Basement, Pantry and much more.

            Foster Flooring Showroom

            Foster Flooring offers a large, impressive choice of Porcelain Tile, Exotic Woods, Broadloom Carpeting, Berbers, Sisals, Cork, Vinyl, Linoleum, Laminates, Artisan Tile, Custom Area Rugs, Blinds & Shades and more in its huge 8,000 sq. ft. showroom located in the Hudson Valley village of Staatsburg, New York on the Hudson.

            In addition to its large selection of products for every application, Foster Flooring also offers solutions for custom area rugs and do-it-yourselfers for both residential and mercial applications. If you have an area that needs exceptional durability and ability to withstand years of wear and tear or outdoor year-round use, there are many exceptional products available.

            A Highly Skilled Staff of Insured Professional Installers

            With high expectations from discerning customers, Foster Flooring assures customer satisfaction by using the skills of highly trained and experienced in-house installers who pride themselves on fine, careful workmanship. Fully insured, these acplished craftsmen treat every job as an artistic challenge and take exceptional pride in a job well done.

            Supplies and Guidance for Do-It-Yourselfers and Contractors

            Since some customers prefer to do their own work or have their own designers and contractors, Foster's keeps a ready stock of supplies available for every type of installation. Knowledgeable personnel are always happy to advise designers, professional contractors or do-it-yourselfers who have questions about the best route to success.

            An Excellent Source of Healthy,
            Environmentally-Friendly Options

            Choose from our many Green Renewable Products for a Healthier Home and Healthier Earth!

            Discover what people from Red Hook to Rhinebeck, Woodstock to Kingston, Poughkeepsie to Millbrook, LaGrange to Hopewell, Danbury to Dover Plains and Catskill to Claverack all have found at Foster Flooring!

            The kind of personalized shopping experience that brings total pleasure every time!

            A view from Staatsburg NY overlooking the Hudson River at sunset

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